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My dad and namesake, Kenneth B. Kixmoeller, served in the US Navy in WWII and Korea. As you see on other pages on this site, he passed away in 2004. After mom Betty died in late 2005, I began to collect and work through the "family archives," in reality a bunch of cardboard boxes.

Much of the content in these boxes was familiar, but I came across an envelope I hadn't seen before. As I opened it I was astonished to find this collection of photographs from his Navy days. I had never seen most of them before. Looking through the photos, I grew ever more excited and drawn to them. It has become a tired cliché, but I really do wish I had talked to him about them before he died.

These pages are a tribute to my Dad and all of those who fought for the USA in these two wars. Feel free to add your own impressions of the photos, or if you have any historical information about the situations in the photos, please (please) add those, too.



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Shipmates today, Another
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